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GEA UHT PLANT 6500 12000 LPH Two Speed
Item #:    Usm-008
Category    UHT Plants

1-GEA UHT Plant 6500 LPH & 12000 LPH (Two Speed)
Year of Manufacturing 2000
Suitable for Milk and Juice
Type: IND UHT/120
PLC: Simens S7
2-Balance Tank 500 Liter
Water Circulation; 2 Power Vessels/Expansions
Four Pumps: 2 x Production + 2 x Water Circulation High/Low

3-HOMOGENISER Plant 6500 LPH & 12000 LPH (Two Speed) 
4-Deaerator With Aroma System and Vacuum Pumps

Condition: Good Condition & installee at Line.