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A3 Flex 1000ml Edge Line For Sale
Item #:    Usm-156
Category    Tetra Pak A3 CF/Flex

One Used A3 Flex 1000ml Edge Line For Sale:

  1. A3 Flex 1000ml edge filling line, year of manufacturing 2004, working hours 41800
  2. DIMC system, Year of manufacturing 2004 and full system upgrade in 2012, working hours 19000
  3. Helix accumulator 21, Year of manufacturing 2005, working hours 39000
  4. Cap Applicator, Trepak Capper 20 for Cap 30, Year of manufacturing 2003
  5. Tetra cardboard Packer 70, TCBP 70, Year of manufacturing 2003, working hours 33000 

Condition: Very Good condition and still on production.