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Technical Services | USED TETRA PAK Machines

USM-Installations, Commissions and Starts up Tetra Pak® Filling Lines:

We are happy to inform that we can install, commission and start-up your Tetra Pak® filling equipment and complete filling systems at your premises, including all mechanical and electrical systems in order to make them ready for production. Our field service staff believes in complete responsibility for the installation without interfering and disturbing the core areas of your working.

USM mechanical and electronic technicians are expert in all current and older Tetra Pak® filling equipment. Aseptic filling machine models TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex are dealt as day to day trade by our international field service teams.

Restoring of Tetra Pak® Filling Machines and Downstream Equipment:

We present complete repairs and maintenance for Tetra Pak® aseptic filling machine models TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex and Tetra Rex®. We also repair Tetra Pak® line components like PullTab™ units, conveyors, accumulators, straw applicators, film wrappers, tray and cardboard packers, shrinking machines and all other downstream tools. Restored and refurnished Tetra Pak® machines by USM stand with a 12 month used machine guarantee.

Format conversion of Tetra Pak® Filling Machinery:

Our expert team members are capable enough to have a large number of format conversions of Tetra Pak® machines TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22 and the A3 / Flex machine range. We prefer to use original Tetra Pak® spare parts for the format conversion purposes. We can even alter existing Tetra Pak® straw applicators, cardboard packers and other downstream tools.

Maintenance for Tetra Pak® Filling and Downstream Machines:

We offer a preventive maintenance service for all Tetra Pak® filling machines and downstream equipment across the globe. Our expert technicians may help to preserve and restore your Tetra Pak® assets. The damaged parts are replaced before they stop working. Our team members discover, isolate and repair defects so that the broken down machines may be restored to working position rapidly. You are suggested and informed about Maintenance procedure flaws to any big loss in future.

Our objectives are to provide our customers the maximum value from a repair and maintenance process, and to let them have maximum improvements in the performance when their machines are resumed to service.

Tetra Pak® Filling Line Experts & Production Management Plan:

USM affords experienced Tetra Pak® machine operators for all kind of projects ranging from short to long time periods. Our Tetra Pak® machine operators ensure high quality manufacturing in your plant. Our machine operators have long experience of operating Tetra Pak® aseptic processing and filling machinery. They have deep knowledge about Tetra Pak® filling machine systems, namely TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex, TCA A1, Tetra Rex® and about the related downstream equipment.

Presently we have Tetra Pak® machine operation teams in Pakistan, Serbia, Nigeria and the U.A.E. with their language competence in German, English, Spanish, Serbian, Urdu and Punjabi.

Process Equipment Operators:

USM also provides machine operators for all types of process equipment made by Tetra Pak® for instance Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex®, Tetra Spiraflo®, Tetra ALCIP®, Tetra VTIS®, Tetra ALSAFE® and Tetra Alex®.

The Processing machines and plants of other well known European manufacturers such as Asepto, Alfa Laval, GEA, SPX/APV, GAS and Rossi & Catelli can also be operated by our experts. Our professionals showed their expertise for many years at dairies and juice plants. They can even run and manage the whole plant without damaging the quality of the products.