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Tetra Pak® TBA 19 200ml Slim Line sl2
Item #:    usm-0079
Category    Tetra Pak TBA 19

Tetra Pak® TBA 19 200ml Slim Filling Line For Sale:

  1. TBA 19 200ml Slim Filler, Year of Manufactuirng 2002, Version 10, 7500 Packs/Hour, Working Hours 59000, Maintained by Tetra Pak, The Machine has a level of efficiency quite high about 95%, Machine TPMS regularly done by Tetra Pak
  2. Tetra Pak Straw Applicator, Model TSA 21, Year of Manufacturing 2002
  3. Date Printer, Markem Image, Model 9020, Year of Manufacturing 2014
  4. 20 Meter Conveyors

Condition: The Complete Line is in Excellent condition, Test Trial on water is available.