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item #: Usm-139
Combibloc CFA 209 32 Filling Line For Sale
One Combibloc CFA 209-32 Filling Line For Sale 1-CFA 209-32 Filling Machine, Year of Manufacturing 2006, Speed 9000 Packs Per Hour, Formats combi f » More details ... More details
item #: Usm-0018
Combibloc CFA 112-32
Sig Combibloc CFA 112-32 1-Combibloc Filling Line Filler  2003, Model: CFA 112-32 2-Buffer Table Manufacture: Meurer, Model: C » More details ... More details
item #: Usm-116
Sig Combibloc CFA 124-36
1-SIG combibloc complete filling line CFA 124-36 with a complete Meurer downstream as follows: 2-Meurer Horizontal accumulation table. 3-Geyssel str » More details ... More details